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The Divided States of America celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. day on Monday. My inbox and perhaps yours was filled with tributes to this man and the civil rights movement he both championed and was martyred for. And rightfully so, Dr. King deserves the accolades he receives every year around this time. His practice of peaceful, yet persistent protest would be a blessing today.

But he was by no means a perfect man. Biographies detail his philandering, his sexist attitude toward women and so forth. And he was a great leader.

And by no means is that rare. Churchill had a great temper, drank to excess most nights and was a brilliant leader during war time. Abraham Lincoln likely suffered clinical depression and led the country through civil war. John F. Kennedy was also a philanderer, a sexist and appears that he was a racist (especially if measured by today’s standards) and I could go on and on.

What’s my point?

First, you don’t have to be perfect to lead and if you wait until you are, you never will. Second, your failures can help you grow as a leader.

And third, don’t stop. Be a leader, warts and all.

If you want help dealing with your warts as a leader, give me a call. I got some wart remover.


Dr. Jeff


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